Antiviral, antimicrobial ipad Screen Protector Clear / Anti-Glare



The high-quality and medical-graded screen protector has passed French lab ISO 21702 tests aginst killing 90% of viruses in 1 min and 99.9% of bacteria in 10 mins. Viruses include influenza H1N1, and human strains of coronavirus(COVID-10) High efficcy of killing 99.9% viruses within 30 minutes and bacteria in 10 minutes from direct, indirect and airborne transmission droplets. Durability & Chemical Resistance-1,000 times of strong rubbing test with 83% purity alcohol that is far stronger than normal cleaning agent/detergent with no change in antiviral & antimicrobial performance. Anti-Viral performance is effective against viruses and bacteria for 1 year. The box comes with: 1 x screen protector film, Dust removal & Guided stickers, Alcohol Wipes, Squeezer, Installation Guide, Mini book of certifications. Size: (pro 12.9") (pro 11") (air 10.9") (10.2") Color: (Clear) ( Anti-Glare)